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〜 国際交流 歓迎式 〜

2023年3月16日(木)  大宮高校にて







March 16, 2023

Dear our German friends,


Welcome to Japan and welcome to Omiya high School. We give you a hearty welcome.


I’m very happy to see you and join this ceremony. Mr. Kamata, the principal of this high school, invited me to this reception. Thank you very much, Mr. Kamata.


I’m the president of the graduates of this school now. I graduated from this school about half a century ago, to be precise 47 years ago. We didn’t have such a program when I was in this school. I envy you for having such a wonderful relationship between these two schools. If I were sixteen years old, I could do a lot with you. But it’s a pity that I am sixty. So, I envy you, these German and Japanese students.


You are fortunate to come to Japan at this season. It is said, in English, that “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” I think this latter half of March is one of the best seasons in Japan. You will see a lot of flowers, especially cherry blossoms here and there, (except for lambs). I hope you will enjoy this good season fully and learn Japanese school and family life with your eyes, ears, noses, tongues and minds.


These people will probably be your Japanese families and friends. If you have any trouble in daily life, they will give you some answers to your questions. And then, when you come home, please tell your families and friends what you will learn and know, as it is. These experiences will be helpful to you in the future. And this is the case with Japanese students.


Finally, please take good care of yourselves and enjoy this staying. I hope our friendship will last so long. Thank you.

Sincerely yours


The 10th President of the graduate’s association of Omiya High School

Takayuki Takahashi


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